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Now, more than ever, Americans are seeking environments beyond the traditional gym. They want spaces to socialize, meet neighbors and get involved with their community.


Health and fitness clubs generate nearly $90 billion each year.

mActivity has an outstanding model that encourages membership retention and long-term revenue sustainability


Health and Fitness clubs attract more than 70 million consumers in the United States.

Since mActivity includes a Smoothie Bar and Cafe that it opens to the public, it capitalizes on two different revenue models - (memberships and food & beverage sales)


The industry has seen a growth of 33% since 2008*.

mActivity disrupts the industry with a unique model that also capitalizes on the major growth in popularity for coffee and cafes, and in co-working spaces.
Progressive concept that is set to change the landscape of the fitness industry. While many fitness centers (or "gyms") struggle with burnout and high turnover, mActivities aim for retention, community involvement, and member satisfaction.
Our mission is to give you fast ROI by helping you along the way with key decisions: real estate, construction, design, on-site training, marketing, operations, equipment, and beyond.
Profit strategy for a mActivity owner is based on a system which aims for no more than 4 months MAX from initial partnership to opening your doors. One of the major keys to success after investing money is making it back quickly.

Minimum requirements of a mActivity Franchisee


30 and above

Liquid Resources

$300,000 and more

Net Worth

$550,000 and more

mActivity Owners have the following Intangible Qualities

Strong desire to revolutionize the fitness industry

Service- driven leaders

Understanding the mActivity culture: Pursuing well-being through multiple facets


More than a fitness center. It is a community hub that supports the pursuit of physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Great coffee, comfortable seating, and a home-like atmosphere in a gym?! (eh hem...a fitness center) Yes. Welcome to 2018.

mActivity does not boast "the best one hour workout in the country." In fact, many of it's members stick around for hours after they workout, indulging in every corner of the space: sipping a coffee, meeting with friends, and even co-working.

Serial entrepreneur, Cheikh Mboup took a step back the first time he entered mActivity New Haven, "Wow, this is a destination."

Mboup instantly fell in love with a unique place that so fiercely bucked the typical concept of a gym franchise.

While the rest of the world is busy trying to power through their strenuous workout so they can leave quickly, grab a quick cup of coffee and move on with their day, members of mActivity feel at home and able to live their normal life from the moment they walk in, so the rest of their day comes easy.

After all, your daily activities should not make you feel so tired that you struggle to power through and constantly fight the eventual burnout.

It should be mindful, deliberate, and welcome, so you are inspired to live and love every moment of your day.

"Welcome to mActivity." said co-founder, Burch Valldejuli to a glowing future investor as Mboup walked in the door.

Mboup, Valldejuli and her partner, Pablo Perez joined forces to bring the world a new lifestyle that demands so much more from your daily fitness routine. Not necessarily, more burn...but, more life and the pursuit of well-being.

Rave reviews from mActivity members

Alli H

So happy I got a membership at @mActivityNH. The community aspect of this gym is inspiring. #NewHaven #NHV

Praba B

Echoing what other reviewers have said: this is hands down the best gym in New Haven. The turf area is large and awesome, never had any issues securing the right amount of space for myself.

Olivia G

mActivity creates such a positive environment that I absolutely look forward to going, and I go multiple times a week now. I have really developed some great fitness habits thanks to the mActivity team.

Scott M

Have been a member of a gym throughout my a number of states. Many have been great experiences. I am pleased to say this facility ranks in the top five.

Vic L

All, I have traveled the country on business for over 30 years and have dropped in or become of member of every major gym franchise in the union. Second to none, mActivity is the best place I have ever seen!

Elaine PH

If there were 10 stars, mActivity would get them! This well-outfitted gym is airy, bright, and impeccably clean. Members have unlimited access to group classes; at least five are offered each day. There is something for everyone, whatever your interest or level.

Grace H

Can't say enough wonderful things about this gym!! It's so clean and new, has great amenities, and the staff is so friendly. Especially love that you can always take your own "virtual" classes, and the sauna/steam room!

Reshmi S

This gym is my favourite thing about New Haven! (After the pizza of course). Great atmosphere, great people, and most importantly, one of the best set of group classes that I've attended. Really impressed and happy to be part of this gym!

mActivity in the News

Featured in Season's Magazine of New Haven

Walk through the doors of mActivity and you might ask, “Where’s the gym?”

In the sun-drenched front area of this Valhalla of wellness in the East Rock section of New Haven, you might see people curled up with a book in a leather sofa in its living room-like setting, or seated in a pair of chairs chatting, or hunched over their laptops at a work table.

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The Fastest Way To The Finish Line

Tomorrow is the Labor Day Faxon Law New Haven Road Race. Because this race is in conjunction with the USA 20km National Championship, there will be a lot of talented, invited athletes competing for the win. One of those athletes is our very own, Tim Ritchie.

Tim is a 30-year-old theologian, marathon runner and mActivity member from Massachusetts who can run a 3:58-minute mile….

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M&M - Daily Nutmeg

The basement of 285 Nicoll Street is crammed with a hodgepodge of industrial machinery. High above is a harsh canopy of wires, girders and pipes. Large fish-eyed lights hang overhead, barely brightening the spaces beneath them. “This is what it [all] used to look like,” Pablo Perez says.

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Arts Bloom At mActivity | New Haven Independent

Before  in East Rock last February, co-owners Burch Valldejuli and Pablo Perez envisioned a holistic, community-oriented approach to wellness that would go far beyond the offerings of most gyms.

This past Sunday, the health club hosted its first official art exhibition, entitled “Pairings,” featuring the work of painters Heidi Coutu and Barbara Hawes, who met at the gym and who both explore the beauty, drama, and expressive qualities of flowers.

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